New Trends in Wedding Decor 2013 – Ombré

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A year and a half ago a new hair coloring technique took over hair salons all over the world. Ombré, is the name for a technique or description of a gradual lightening or darkening of a color from brown to blonde or from blonde to dark brown. Also know as dip-dying, many Hollywood stars decided to go Ombré (even I took a stab at it last year) and now the newest trend we have been seeing is Ombre’s gradual transition to weddings!

Instead of hair color, wedding planners and designers are using one color with various different shades to create wedding décor — so much so that there are various pinterest albums dedicated to it .

Now that we are full in Spring, and arrive to summer, we think we will see much more of this ombré technique (and hope to see it!) all over weddings.