Rhinestone Sticker Sheets at CHA

Our rhinestone sticker sheets were a hit at the recent CHA show thanks to Marisa Pawelko!  Marisa not only covered herself in rhinestone shapes cut from her dies for her outfits every day, but she also showed people at the Sizzix and the Westcott booths how easy the rhinestone sticker sheets are to use.  You can cut any shape you want using scissors, a craft knife or a die cutting machine.

Here are some images that we found of the rhinestone sticker sheets in action at the Westcott booth in a wardrobe challenge.  Thank you to the Facebook fan who allowed us to use her photos.

RhinestoneStickerSheet_lips  RhinestoneStickerSheet_outfit_Marisa RhinestoneStickerSheet_trianglesRhinestoneStickerSheet_outfit

To purchase the rhinestone sticker sheets for your next project, head over to The Buckle Boutique.

The Buckle Boutique’s Website // Blog // Facebook Page // Twitter // Pinterest

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