Sugar Skull Bride and Groom

Sugar Skulls are a popular theme right now, even for a wedding.  Today Tammy will show us how she incorporated this theme into some personalized beer steins using the glitter sheets from The Buckle Boutique.  This glitter sheet cuts so smoothly you will have no problem creating even the smallest details.  Since the product is thin and flexible it will lay flat on a curved surface . . . like these glasses.  And did I mention, the glitter sheets have adhesive on the back.  Just cut your image and peel off the backing

Another nice feature of our glitter sheets is that the glitter will not fall off because it is baked right into the sheet.  So now you can enjoy the sparkle of projects like this without leaving a trail of glitter around the house!

Head over to Tammy’s blog for all of the details . . . just click HERE.

To purchase your glitter sheets click HERE.


Halloween Crafting with The Buckle Boutique

Today Nancy is going to show us a great way to add some sparkle to a pumpkin for your Halloween crafting . . . and it is so cute you really could leave it out until Thanksgiving too!

Nancy used the Cheetah print rhinestone sticker sheets for this project, and because of the way she cut it, it does not come off as an animal print.  I think it is the perfect pattern since it offers a beautiful blend of brown and gold tones . . . so fitting for your fall decorating!  The best part is that this Cheetah print is on sale right now.  Hurry and get yours now before supplies run out . . . click HERE.

Make sure to head over to Nancy’s blog for the full project tutorial . . . just click HERE.

Campfire Sign

Today’s project is from Nancy . . . and I LOVE how she used the Cheetah print rhinestone sticker sheets along with one of the Classic Colors in order to give the flames on this project more depth!

That was really creative Nancy!  Now I have so many more ideas of ways to use that Cheetah pattern!  If you want to see the full project, head over to Nancy’s blog by clicking HERE.  If you would like to purchase some of the Cheetah Print rhinestone sticker sheets you can do that by clicking HERE.  They are on SALE now!

Embellished Cigar Box

If you have an old cigar box, or any box really, you can make it into a beautiful home accent to store your treasures in.  You have to head over to Patti’s blog to see how she turned this . . .

into this . . . .

This was easily done with one Sugar Skull rhinestone sticker sheet and a pair of ordinary scissors.  Head over to Patti’s blog by clicking HERE for all of the details.  Make sure to get your Sugar Skull rhinestone sticker sheets while supplies last . . . click HERE.

Upcycled DIY – two projects in one!

If you are a fan of upcycled DIY projects, then today’s post from Patti is just for you.  She took some old metal bookends and gave them new life.  I am sure a lot of us have these same bookends in our house right now.  If not, they can probably be found at a garage sale for a quarter.

Now they are trendy sugar skull bookends!  For the second part you are going to have to head over to Patti’s blog by clicking HERE.  Then you will see the second use for these bookends that Patti came up with . . . brilliant!

Serving up some Sparkle

It’s summer, and that means it is the perfect time to add some sparkle to your beverages.  Even if you are just having raspberry lemonade, add a garnish with sparkle to make it a fun summer drink like Madge did.


Madge used the neon rhinestone sticker sheets to accent this beverage perfectly.  Head over to her blog for all the details . . . just click HERE.

Glitter Frame

For today’s project Lori is going to show us how easy it is to cover an entire frame with glitter, using the glitter vinyl from The Buckle Boutique.

The best part . . . this glitter will not fall off of the frame when you touch it or move it around. The glitter is set right into the vinyl. Head over to Lori’s blog by clicking HERE for all of the details.  To purchase the glitter vinyl for your next project, click HERE.